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       Barbara Tamburini Winemaker

-December the 5th 2014 Premio Rigoletto D'argento
 ·       Award
-April the 4th 2014 FIS – Sommelier d’Onore a Barbara Tamburini
-October the 27th 2013 Gran Galà 2013 Award - Frosinone
 ·     Glass plate - Certificate: " To the Oenologist Barbara Tamburini, for sharing her expertise and conveying the passion with which she made her great wines, making particularly                exciting the wine-tasting of March 15, 2012"
-Dicember the 16th 2012. - Villa Casteletti - Signa (Fi)
 ·     Silver Plate: Dino Cassini award 2012: "The award is given to the oenologist who was able to transfer to a new wine particular aspects of Tuscan, highlighted by sommelier,            meaning also the conjugation of research, innovation and tradition."
-September the 24th 2012 - Livorno seaport  “Vespucci”
 ·       Glass plate: “To Dr. Barbara Tamburini, Oenologist of great Italian wines.
-March the 06th 2012 - Rome
-September the 25th 2010 - San Marcello - Pistoia
 ·     Plate of the mayor: "The winemaker Dr. Barbara Tamburini, known and appreciated worldwide for the results achieved with commitment, determination and professionality. Confident         that with her wines will still go far, bringing our mountain in the heart. "
-July the 09th 2007 – Milan
 ·    Premio Luigi Veronelli 2007- Barbara Tamburini emerging category Best Winemaker "for the sensitivity and the commitment with which she has been able to find the key of                    interpretation for the most successful class wines, able to respond without excess, with elegant simplicity, the needs of the modern consumer".
-October 2005 - Certaldo Alto
 ·     Boccaccesca Award (seventh edition)
-December the 13th 2004 - Florence
 ·    Award Wines of Tuscany 2004 - Barbara Tamburini Winemaker - delivered by the President of Tuscany region Dr. Claudio Martini.
-October the 29th 2004 – Rivolto Udine
 ·    She flew for 50 minutes on the airplane MB339 "PONY 1" of the Frecce Tricolori (4th woman in Italy and 5th woman in the world).
-June 2004 Milan
 ·   AIS ROME – 2004 Wine Oscar nomination for the category: Best Winemaker.
-April the 25th 2004 - Massa
 ·   Flovery Spino province of Massa - Carrara Winemaker Award: "Young winemaker characterized by skill and seriousness that is engaging, with excellent results in the enhancement of       the native vines of the Tuscan Coast and especially in our region."
-March the 5th 2004 - San Marcello P/se - Pistoia
 ·  Slow Food Award: "The youngest consultant winemaker in Italy that with her wines won the highest awards of all the guides in the “field"; delivery of the gold dome and the book            "Bacchus in Tuscany".
 ·    Plate of the Mayor: "To Dr. Barbara Tamburini for the successes obtained in her professional activity."

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